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Why? Sun Salutes are how we kick start any and EVERY I.AM.YOU. class.   They get your heart rate up, relieve stress, increase flexibility in the legs, open your shoulders, clear your mind, reduce belly fat, and pretty much make sure you are on your way to having the Slammin’ body and mind you have always dreamed of.  AND they are FUN.

On the second day of  7DAYS & 7NIGHTs to a NEW YOU, you get a chance to experience it yourself.  

How? First do DAY 1, BREATHE. Then:

-Come to stand at the front of your space or mat in Tadasana.  Bring your feet to touch and hands to your chest in prayer.  Suck your navel back and up, relax your shoulders, and press down on all four corners of your feet.

-Inhale lift your arms up, hands pressed, look up, URDVHA HASTASANA

-Exhale fold forward bring your forehead to your shins, UTTANASANA

-Inhale look up and lengthen your spine, legs straight

-Exhale step or hop the feet back to a plank pose and either stay here (beginner) or bend your elbows straight back for CHATARUNGA.  Beginners should stay in plank.  Those doing chatarunga should make sure shoulders do not go lower than the elbows. 

-Inhale straighten your elbows, flip to the top, nail side of the foot, lift your chest up and forward and find UP DOG.   Lift your thighs off of the floor.  

-Exhale flip or roll over your feet, take your butt into the air, legs straight and arms straight, find DOWN DOG, URDVHA MUKHA SVANASANA.  Hold here for 5 Breaths.

-Inhale step or jump your feet between your hands look up and lengthen your spine

-Exhale fold forward, forehead to shins

-Inhale come to stand reach your arms overhead

-Exhale either fold forward again and repeat, or come to Tadasana. 

Five Sun Salutes a day will change your life, from the energy inside you to the muscles binding you. 

How did it go??

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